How To Break Up With Your Hairdresser

As a serial salon-switcher, I can tell you firsthand; it’s not easy breaking up with your hairdresser. Your hairdresser takes on so much more than just your hot roots and split ends every few weeks or so. Not only do they make you feel pretty (this in itself is a rare and valuable quality), but your hairdresser’s chair tends to become a modern confessional of sorts. We find ourselves sharing personal aspects of our lives with our hairdressers and listening to theirs in return.

Wearing Wigs in Public

Regardless of the cause, hair loss can be a traumatic experience. It’s a process that tends to feel heavier in our hearts than in our minds. It’s so easy to say, “It’s just hair,” or “It’ll grow back.” And while this mindset is both logical and positive, we can’t help but wonder, “will it really grow back? And is it really just hair? The answer is no. It’s not just hair. It’s apart of us; our identities, our femininity, vitality, and our concept of our overall health. It is so much more.