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Tracee Ellis Ross Promises Natural Hair Overdue Inclusion In The Beauty Industry

Undoubtedly influenced by her mother’s legendary locks, Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross just launched Pattern Beauty, a haircare line exclusively designed to meet the hair care needs of the “curly, coily, and dense-textured hair community.” “There is a community of beautiful, diverse, extraordinary people that have gravity-defying curls, coils and tight textures that are not supported by the beauty industry, and there is a lack in that space,” Ellis Ross recently told Seth Meyers on The Late S



Get Ready To Add Hustlers To Your List of JLo Classics

After decades of paying her dues in Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez has finally landed the role of a lifetime in her latest film, Hustlers. With a box office opening that far surpassed even the most generous projections, critics praising both Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu for their stellar performances, an all-star cast worthy of all ‘the hype,’ and a plot that’s actually based on a true story, you don’t need to tell us twice to go see Hustlers in theaters. Although admittedly, we may need to see it

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How To Break Up With Your Hairdresser

As a serial salon-switcher, I can tell you firsthand; it’s not easy breaking up with your hairdresser. Your hairdresser takes on so much more than just your hot roots and split ends every few weeks or so. Not only do they make you feel pretty (this in itself is a rare and valuable quality), but your hairdresser’s chair tends to become a modern confessional of sorts. We find ourselves sharing personal aspects of our lives with our hairdressers and listening to theirs in return.

1 Ingredient, 3 Ways: Pumpkin

It’s Fall, and you know what that means- Pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin-flavored everything else stock the shelves of every store. And while you love a good pumpkin spice latte, you’re not too sure about the pumpkin-flavored Pringles, and we get that. That’s why we’re going back to basics with these three pumpkin-inspired ideas for Fall. When it comes to crafting your own unique pumpkin butter recipe filled with your favorite Fall flavors, the possibilities are endless- Yet the process is act


15 Things You Judged Parents For Before Having Sweet Little Monsters Of Your Own

Remember the good ol' days, when you could still judge other people's parenting with a straight face? The days of freedom, filled with delusions of perfect and pin-worthy parenting? You were so hopeful. You were so naive. You were also really judgey. But now, all of your previous plans to "do it better" serve as a constant reminder that you should never judge another parent until you've walked a mile in a pair of practical shoes you swore you'd never wear.

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Director Of The Movie 'A Boy Called Po' Explains What Autism Is Really Like For A Family

No one can tell the story of A Boy Called Po — the 2016 movie that just became available on Netflix –quite like John Asher can. While he’s the film’s director, producer, and editor, Asher also knows firsthand the complex dynamics of parenting a child with autism. Considering that he is the proud father of an autistic son, Evan, who is now 14, it is not surprising that Asher’s motivations behind the film run deeper than profit and box office success.

'A Boy Called Po': An Honest Look at Autism

While, undoubtedly, there’s bound to be a select few moviegoers who storm out of the latest Marvel movie, enraged for one reason or another, it’s a pretty safe bet that the vast majority of viewers will leave the theater either entertained or not entertained. But when one creates art that imitates real life, they tread a finer line. Films about disability and illness must walk this tightrope like no other genre.